December 9, 2014

Beef Jerky Outlet Opens in Sun Prairie

NBC 15 WMTV Madison, WI

Jerky lovers... you'll want to listen up!


A new store has opened in Sun Prairie, and the entire place revolves around jerky.


Owner Dan DeYoung says the most common reaction from customers is, "I'm in heaven!"


Or they're just at the Beef Jerky Outlet.


"No, I never thought there'd be an outlet for beef jerky," says DeYoung.


The store sells more than 200 types of jerky.


"Majority of what we have is beef, but we do have the alligator, kangaroo, we do also have the venison, the buffalo, the elk. We also have wild boar, and a few other flavors along with it."


DeYoung, who owns another outlet in Lake Delton says a store in Sun Prairie was a no-brainer.


"Beef jerky is a growing thing right now because it's fairly healthy for you as well, and Wisconsin likes their beef and their meats!"


One-of-a-kind meats that keep Beef Jerky Outlet customers coming back for more.


"Flavor-wise we have some jerky that's made with a corn whiskey base, we also have one that's done with a crawfish, broiled crawfish flavoring. So those are the two flavor-wise. Meat-wise, kangaroo. I mean, everyone's like 'kangaroo?' so meat-wise kangaroo is the big one. Yeah, we have a lot of stuff that you won't find some place else."

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